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ThreeTen (JSR 310) – the new Date and Time API in Java 8

Grzegorz Borkowski

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Java has always had poor track record of date and time handling. The core classes: java.util.Date and Calendar are awkward to use and poorly designed. What is worse, even experienced programmers are not aware of many problems which can be caused by inappropriate usage of these classes; and often they don't know how to correctly handle time zones and how to deal with DST (Daylight Saving Time).

The good news is that we are going to have a completely new, better API for date and time handling in Java 8. The bad news is that instead of two basic classes (Date and Calendar) from the old JDK, the new API will contain dozens of classes for modelling different concepts related to date and time - so it's high time for you to come and learn how to use them!

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