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Important Information

You will find practical information like where to stay, where to eat, how to get to the conference venue, what to see after conference, etc.

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Where to stay

See our news for discounts in the conference hotel. Prices start from 185 PLN per night.

Where to eat

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How to get to conference venue

By plane

If you are staying in the Hotel Gromada Airport, you can take a taxi and hotel reception will pay for the trip from/to airport. If you are staying somewhere else, you may go on foot. It shouldn't take longer than 15 minutes as the distance is about 1200 m. You can also take a bus number 175 or 188. See map of the Airport. The departure bus stop is "17 Stycznia".

By Train (Warszawa Zachodnia)

Take a bus number 154 direction "P+R Al.Krakowska". Departure bus stop is "17 Stycznia".

By Train (Warszawa Centralna)

Take a bus number 175 direction "Lotnisko Chopina". Departure bus stop is "17 Stycznia". See map of the Warszawa Centralna.

Useful links for transportation

Map of public transportation in Warsaw

Timetable of public transportation in Warsaw

What to see in Warsaw

Old and New Town

Warsaw was created in the 13th century and by becoming the capital three centuries later was home to the Polish kings for 300 years.

The heart of the city was ripped out by the Nazis during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 to be rebuilt by its people and placed on UNESCO list as "an outstanding example of a near-total reconstruction of a span of history covering the 13th to the 20th century".

The Royal Route

Starting in the Royal Castle square it led to King's Jan Sobieski residence in Wilanów. Now it's a little piece of Warsaw's pre-war glory, with aristocratic residences of 17-19th century, beautiful churches of all styles and the biggest University in Poland -the University of Warsaw.

The Royal Łazienki Park

Once a summer residence of Poland's last king, today it is Warsaw's biggest and most beautiful park. With its magnificent classical architecture and gardens full of colorful nature, it's a perfect place for a romantic walk far away from the 21st century.

Jewish Warsaw

Pre-war Warsaw was a city with the biggest Jewish population in the world (30%). Unfortunately, due to the German occupation and their actions, we have only few places left that remind us of the life of polish Jews from the 1930s and their unbelievable struggle in trying to save their lives during the Shoah.

Back in time – Praga district

The only district of Warsaw not damaged during the Second World War. You can get to feel the pre-war Warsaw by taking a walk through the courtyards of tenement houses from 19-20th century. Today it is home to numerous cafes, clubs and galleries with the one and only Praga atmosphere.

More about the tours:

Martyna Górska – Warsaw tour guide
mobile: +48 506 224 833

What is included in Economy Pass

Economy Pass is created for those who can't afford Full Pass. As a Economy Pass holder you will be able to spend whole 3 days on 33rd Degree. You are welcome to join keynote sessions (Day 1 before lunch, and day 3 after lunch). However you can't attend other technical sessions and workshops. You are welcome to attend Open Space Conference sessions, BOFs, hackathons and other activities. It also includes lunches and coffee breaks as well as Afterparty.

You are also welcome to attend Economy Track that is dedicated only for Economy Pass holders.

What is Economy Track

Economy Track is dedicated only for Economy Pass holders. It will be just 1 track at the time when Full Conference will provide Technical sessions in multiple tracks and workshops. Some of the sessions from Full Conference might be repeated in Economy Track. Some other sessions might be presented by less known speakers as well as sponsors. However, you can expect good quality and well known speakers as well. You may expect a bit higher participants/presenters ratio. We expect around 400-500 people to attend this track when Full Conference we expect average 200-300 participants per track.

Why Full Pass doesn't include Economy Track

Economy Track is only available for Economy Pass holders in order to accommodate as many people as possible on this very affordable pass. There is high chance that some sessions will be on both Full Conference and Economy Track. So no worries, as a Full Pass holder you will get much more than Economy Pass holders.

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