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Developing cross-platform mobile applications using Calatrava

Marcin Kwiatkowski

Mobile devices are becoming an important platform for both customers and employees. But with the range of new devices comes a new challenge. How to support different mobile devices and platforms?

One solution is to build a native app for each device. The downside is that you have to build several copies of the same basic application, and what’s even more important, you have to maintain them.

Mobile web seems to be the best choice for a portable platform, but for the best user-experience you have to use the native environment. Web apps also lose app store as a distribution channel.

Calatrava represents a hybrid approach. The idea is that you write the client-side logic in JavaScript. You can use HTML5 to build the UI, but if you require it, Calatrava lets you use Objective-C and Java to build high-quality native interface.

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