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Reloading Java applications like a pro

Anton Arhipov

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In the dynamic languages it's a given. In .NET the problem is much smaller. But Java EE applications take from 15s up to 10 minutes to build & redeploy, after every change, no matter how small. IDE automate the process, but still require the wait. Why is that and how can it be solved?

JRebel rose as a research project to solve the problem with redeploying the Java applications that led to enormous turnaround cycles. The longer is the turnaround time, the more room for distractions there is, leading to long unintentional breaks and loss of the focus.

Instant turnaround is one of the core attractions of the Play! framework, Grails and Tapestry 5, and some others. In this talk we will review the technical and conceptual challenges involved in solving this issue and the options available today, including the tools mentioned.

We will take a look at the Java ecosystem from the productivity point of view and try to find the ways around the obstacles. How long does your application takes to build? How long does your application server takes to start and deploy the application? Do you have to navigate in the application in order to see the results of your change? We will take a look on how JRebel solves those problems and how it is even possible for the frameworks that aren’t designed for fast turnaround cycles.

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