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~ Chinese Proverb ~

BOF: Do you really get your IDE?

Anton Arhipov

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Which IDE do you use? Eclipse? NetBeans? IntelliJ IDEA? Visual Studio? Vim? Yeah, Vim counts as an IDE too if you can configure it to behave like one! Do you leverage the full power of your favourite IDE/editor?

Generally, developers _just use_ the IDE and every so often do not utilize the power of automated refactorings, shortcuts, fast navigation and other awesome features that IDEs provide. Modern IDEs have revolutionized the way in which we are able to work with the code. Using the IDE is a skill and this skill can be turned into a habit. The habit can be good or bad and we will discuss the common patterns in how developers use the IDE.

In this session we will take a look at the features of various IDEs that you cannot live without. We'll start with navigation features, proceed with quick edit tips & tricks, and lead to cross-functional features of the IDEs by leveraging the power of plugin system. I will demo my favourite features in IntelliJ IDEA and I hope you can learn something new from this session.

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