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You are not Facebook or Google? Why you should still care about Big Data

Kai Wähner

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Big data represents a significant paradigm shift in enterprise technology. Big data radically changes the nature of the data management profession as it introduces new concerns about the volume, velocity and variety of corporate data.

This session goes beyond the well-known examples of huge companies such as Facebook or Google with millions of users. Instead, this session explains the "big" paradigm and technology shift for your company. See several use cases how big data enables small / medium-sized companies to gain insight into new business opportunities (and threats) and how big data stands to transform much of what the modern enterprise is today.

Learn about solving the unique challenges of big data without an own research lab or several big data experts in your company. Learn how to implement the relevant use cases for your company with low costs and efforts by using open source frameworks, which simplify working with big data a lot.

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