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Training: Certified ScrumMaster

Tomasz de Jastrzebiec Wykowski

Scrum is the best known Agile methodology, allowing for effective IT project management. It let you see what's really happening in your project, deliver value to your product incrementally and get feedback faster.

Scrum changes the way of managing IT projects. Moving away from the traditional, formal management, it emphasizes self organization of the team. Therefore, Scrum Team no longer needs typical project manager, and his place is filled with two new roles - Scrum Master and Product Owner.

This two-day, advanced Certified ScrumMaster training prepares participants for the ScrumMaster role. Through interactive exercises they learn Scrum principles and how to efficiently apply them to lead and empower Agile team. Certified Scrum Trainer presents advanced Scrum topics, such as multi-team organizations and explains how to handle challenges the Scrum project encounters.


Training covers the following topics presented through intensive exercises, lectures and discussions:


  • Team Agreements


  • Silent Sort exercise

    Process Improvement

    • The Ball Points Game

      Lean, Agile, and Scrum

      Scrum Process

      • Scrum Process exercise
      • Sprint types exercise

      Scrum Master Role

      • Working with the team
      • Change agent in an organization
      • Leadership and organizational aspects of implementing Scrum

      Product Owner Role

      • Working with stakeholders
      • Responsibilities and expectations
      • Ideal Product Owner exercise


      • Timeline retrospective exercise

      The Team

      • The Knot: a self organization simulation
      • Team attributes, model of formation
      • Common issues for ScrumMasters

      Product Backlog, User Stories and Agile requirements

      • User story writing exercise

      Agile Estimating and Planning

      • Agile estimating
      • Storypoints exercise
      • Planning Poker exercise

      What is “Done?”

      • Definition-of-Done exercise

      Expectations Review

      Q & A


      The course goal is to prepare participants for the ScrumMaster role in their projects. After completing the training they will be able to:

      • Utilize Scrum tools to lead a Scrum Team,
      • Plan, monitor and report progress in Scrum projects,
      • Identify roles and responsibilities in a Scrum Team,
      • Remove impediments between Product Owner, stakeholders and the team to maximize ROI for developed product,
      • Ensure commitment, encourage self-organization and support team members,
      • Continuously improve the software development process, engineering practices and tools used.

      Upon completion of the course, attendees are eligible to take the Certified ScrumMaster exam, the successful completion of which results in the designation of "Certified ScrumMaster" from the Scrum Alliance.

      Participants of Certified ScrumMaster training are eligible for 14 PDUs.

      Intended audience

      Certified ScrumMaster training is intended for members of software development project teams: programmers, testers, analytics, managers, and all other individuals interested in extending their knowledge about Agile and Scrum.

      Basic knowledge about Agile and software project management is recommended, but not a must. The list of suggested reading for Scrum can be found on Scrum Alliance web page.

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