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Workshop: NoSQL Workshop: Discover NoSQL Development with Couchbase 2.0

Tugdual Grall

This 3 hours workshop will allow you to discover the basis of NoSQL Document oriented databases. This hands-on lab will drive you through the key concepts NoSQL document databases

  • JSON Documents
  • Key/Value databases
  • Map Reduce
  • Cluster Elasticity

You will learn how to install and configure Couchbase Server 2.0 and use your favorite language (Java, or other…) to create your first -or not- NoSQL application.

If you want you will also learn how to integrate full text search into your application using the Couchbase Elastic Search plugin.

Couchbase Servver is easy to install on Linux, OS X or Windows so "Come as you are"


  • 4Mb of RAM
  • Java 6 (or 7, but 6 is better)
  • Maven 3
  • Ideally you can also have downloaded Couchbase 2.0

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