A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.
~ Chinese Proverb ~

Gerrit Grunwald

  • Gerrit Grunwald is working as a Senior Software Engineer at Canoo Engineering AG (Basel, Switzerland). He has been involved in Java desktop application developments and controls development. His current interests include JavaFX, HTML5 and Swing especially development of custom controls in one of these technologies. He is also interested in Java driven embedded technologies like SunSPOT‘s, BeagleBoard and Raspberry PI. He is a true believer in open source and has participated in popular projects like JFXtras as well as his own projects (SteelSeries Swing, SteelSeries Canvas). He is an active member of the Java community, where he founded and lead the Java User Group Münster (Germany) and co leads the JavaFX community. He is an international speaker at conferences and user groups. He also blogs on a regular basis on his blog that could be found at http://www.harmonic-code.org

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