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Atlassian joins 33rd Degree as a sponsor

Atlassian joins 33rd Degree as a sponsor

16 luty 2013

Do you know and love Atlassian tools? Do you want to know more about Atlassian latest and greatest stuff?

At 33rd Degree you can meet them face to face at their sponsor booth - or even apply and work with them! Or just drink beer :)

Atlassian together with their old Polish friends from Spartez works on such core products like JIRA, Bamboo, FishEye and Crucible.

BTW: they are looking currently for a few more talented folks to work in Gdansk - most of all for an experienced software development team lead for their FishEye and Crucible team.

More details at http://www.atlassian.com/company/careers/?tab=gdansk

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